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Big Sales On Black Friday

In the United States of America, the busiest shopping day of the year is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving which always falls on the fourth Thursday in November. This has been recognized as the busiest shopping day of the year since 2005 and seems to have no reason to change as other countries are also attempting to have their own black Friday’s on the same weekend, in Mexico it is known as El Buen Fin or the good weekend and in Costa Rica it is known as Viernes Negro and black Friday also started to become a popular shopping day in Romania since 2011. Of course though Canada, due to Canadians crossing the border to take advantage of the special offers made by the American retailers on black Friday, they have had their own black Friday for several years now, encouraging Canadians to shop at home instead of spending their money across the border.

There is no doubt that, as retailers and even the big supermarket chains all allow good savings on black Friday, shoppers can save a good amount of money by shopping on that day as opposed to any other and so come may save especially to go shopping on that day, whilst others may even take out loans especially to take advantage of the savings they could make that day but, up until recently, it has been difficult for these same people to know how much they may actually need as the retailers, often do not reveal what they will be offering until after the week has started but, now there are web sites like – black friday sales which have researched and found out what the different special offers will be. This enables the smart shopper to learn in advance of others, what exact savings they can make, ensuring that they are well prepared for the busy shopping experience.

Although black Friday is a term that has been used since the late nineteenth century, it has only been applied to this shopping day in the late twentieth century when retailers realized that the day’s profits were often large enough to take their bank accounts out of the red and put them in the black, for the first time or the year.

Although the other countries already mentioned have already established their own black Fridays, the expansion of the concept hasn’t stopped yet. As late as 2012, Brazil undertook their own experiment where they had their own large retail stores try one day with special offers available and as the result was a doubling of sales over the same day the previous year, it is likely that it may soon become a tradition there too. Meanwhile online retailers like Amazon and Apple are offering incentives like free shipping on good Fridays to encourage the UK and Australia to introduce black Fridays and other European online retailers are doing the same across other countries in Europe so, soon the whole of Europe may also experience black Fridays.

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