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Two Of The Best Features Of Ting

Ting is one of the newest cell phone services providers in the market. It is an MVNO and leveraged by the Sprint network that ensures for a wide coverage. Ting brings to the market what has not been witnessed in the cell phone market before; customizable tariff plans. This has been well highlighted on current ting reviews and we shall give it a closer look together with ting’s other unique feature which is the online calculator that helps clients calculate their savings.

The savings calculator

This was recently unveiled, uses previous bills in calculating how much you would be saving by making a switch to ting. If you currently are subscribed to Verizon Wireless or maybe you are an AT&T client, this calculator allows you to log in to your account and gains access to your previous bills on texts, data and voice. It then calculates your usage and how much it cost you on those networks and what it would have cost you if you were on a ting account. This then gives a clear picture on the amount of savings you would be having assuming you would switch to ting.

Ting offers a compensation for this revelation and the trouble it might cause you by rewarding you with a $5 Starbucks gift card. You can take coffee as you consider switching to ting and once you decide to join ting, you will get $10 on your account. This is to foot for you and your friend’s coffee bill as you make them aware of the pros of having an account with ting. This offer unfortunately holds for persons with an AT&T or Verizon account. The calculator works even for those without the accounts but sadly with no coffee offer.

La-carte mobile carrier

Ting chose to adapt a la-carte pricing plan for its data, texts and voice services. This has given the company a touch of uniqueness especially in a market where clients are bombarded with all kinds of charges on their subscriptions, which are mostly pre-paid. Ting offers both a pre-paid option and the monthly billing for individuals and businesses. You might be wondering, how does this la-carte pricing plan work? Well its simple, you only need to have an account with ting, which does not require the signing of any contract. You then pay the $6 line fee charge and taxes and the lowest plan fee of $3 with the total amounting to $15. The $3 plan offers 100minutes, 100 texts and 100MB of data independently. You then are provided with an online account where you can access your account details from your dashboard. Clients get unlimited use on data, voice and text plans and only incur the costs for what they have used within the month. Limitless number of devices are addable to an account and this fits well with small businesses that are aiming to grow.

Ting pays for its potential clients the early termination fee to make the process of switching as smooth as possible.

Find other features offered by ting at: current ting reviews.

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