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Being a beginner in the music world, you might come across with a number of difficulties and start thinking it a difficult task to remain in the industry. I want to clear one thing that nothing is impossible or hard until it is tried, learned and practiced. So, you should not give up in any aspect because difficulties will help you to learn a number of the things and increase your knowledge as you start flourishing.

Let’s go from the beginning, I hope you know exactly what do you want to be. If you want to become a successful artist, you need to know many things like what should be the basis of your goals, how you should go ahead to accomplish them, what are the useful tools that will help you to create inspiring and trendy music beats etc. But if you only want to make quick cash with your talent, you should rather go with simple things like learning how to make beats.

For this, you need basic instructions and I will try to help you so you can achieve that as fast as it’s possible. At first, you need to know how the beat maker software looks like. You can find many tutorials on how to use beats making programs that will teach you everything step by step. If you are a beginner then you must have to choose BTV SOLO as it is very easy and simple. Its Open Pattern Mode will help you to create and edit your loops and patterns. You also need to have familiarity with Solo Kits so that you can easily use it to create music according to your likes. It is a kind of kit which is located on the drum pads. Use Bank up/down so you can go into different kit banks. Bank in BTV SOLO is an octave. You have one more option about how to play a kit, use midi controller. I hope you’ve found the right kit for yourself because now you must focus on the tempo and set it for the beat you’ve chosen.

You will also have an option to change the tempo, just click and drag that displayed number and finally, you need to record your pads, hit play and start making music with drum pads. I hope you have explored all the options of BV SOLO, pads. Basically, there are 12 types of pads that are marked with white and black keys. You will also find roll and hold buttons there. In the transport bar, you can find options like record, stop, play, mute, solo, bank up/down, and mixer. And when it comes to modes, you can find pattern, kit, instrument and song modes.

Last but not the least, here is an option menu you must have to understand because it is one of the most important parts. It will allow you to undo, save, exit, edit, insert, copy, delete, system, volumes, sample and export music according to your requirements.

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